Friday Fictioneers 11/16/12

It’s time once again, for the weekly, 100 word exercise known as the ”Friday Fictioneers”. Go HERE to read the stories or submit one of your own. Thank you Rachel for keeping us alive.

Copyright on photo: Sean Fallon

She loved her grandpa, despite his anal retentive habits, like filling old jars with dead batteries and used Q-tips. She wasn’t allowed in the garage often, but when she was, she marveled at the display. It seemed anything was fair game for Grandpa. He was proud of his jars and of his private quest that nobody understood. She was thirteen before she found the basement. Creeping down the dark stairs she marveled at his collection. Moving closer she froze as she gazed at the row of eyes  floating in jars. Images of her missing classmates flooded her mind as fled the house.

  1. boomiebol says:

    I didn’t see that coming…grandpa is scary

  2. The eyes have it. :-). The eyes instead of the nose. Got to stop now and go to bed!!! Thankd goodness Grandpa’s not around!!

  3. Anne Orchard says:

    Creepy! Wonder if she still loves Grandpa after that discovery? Better run away and never come back, I think.

  4. Creepy and well done. We went the same direction this week, too.

  5. Oh no! I wouldn’t wish to be ion her shoes. Not for the world. So well done.

  6. Oh grandpa what special eyes you have. Nice twist.

  7. vb holmes says:

    Glad I wasn’t in her class–good story.

  8. brudberg says:

    What a memento for her yearbook 😉 great scary twist.

  9. Hi Turnip,
    Whoa, psycho grandpa. It started so innocently and ended so horrificly. Didn’t see that coming. Is there a word missing between row and eyes? Ron

  10. rich says:

    and there’s another word missing here “… as fled the house.” very well done.

  11. lora13mit says:

    Spooky and chilling. I’d find a good excuse to get out of that creepy house. There may be something else in that basement…like dismembered bodies buried within the walls. Yikes.

  12. claireful says:

    Urgh! You left me with a very nasty image of the basement. Loved it.
    I’m at number 50.

  13. billgncs says:

    yikes! taking collection to the limit! I hope she didn’t end up a captive audience.

  14. Tom Poet says:

    Ok the eyes are creepy but the used Q-tips are just nasty!

  15. Russell says:

    As a grandpa, I must protest. Why do we never have an evil grandmothers in these stories? We all know they put rat dropping in the chocolate chip cookies and anti-freeze in the lemonade. But nobody wants to tell that story.

    BTW – I loved your story, ST.

  16. Not going to visit you ever. Rochelle neither.



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