I have three loves, my family, visual art and the written word.

As an artist I have pieces around the world. I work in oils, acrylics, pastels, colored pencils, textiles and wood. Many of my pieces grace the walls of “Blue Moon Investigations” in Texas.

Bitten at an early age by the lure of the written word, I cut my teeth on technical journals and manuals for a local hospital and later spread my wings writing articles and opinion pieces for a 501(3) organization dedicated to chronic pain, an organization where I was also a sitting board member. My love is fiction, I have been known to provide a happy ending or two, but my heart lies with the macabre, eerie tales with a twisted ending.

My hectic, Ohio home is filled with kids and animals. It’s here I spend hours listening to music, watching old movies, creating or cooking. I love to bake and make hand-dipped candies for special occasions.

I don’t want to write, I HAVE to write, it is an urge that refuses to be denied. I couldn’t stop writing anymore than I could stop painting, or breathing. My mate of thirty years is my best friend and largest fan, I would never push myself so far if he were not behind me, gently shoving.


Each week I participate in the “Friday Fictioneers” a group of worthy writers from around the world who submit a 11 word story based on a photo prompt.

I also participate in “Picture it & Write,” another group of talented writers who submit a weekly story.

Yarns: Once a week writers submit stories, or poems, in all genres based on a photo prompt.

Coming Soon.

One of my pieces will appear in “1 x 50 x 100.  One photo, 50 Perspectives, 100 Words.” 

A publication piloted by Madison Woods. You can learn more by clicking on the photo.


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