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Category: Fiction//Drama

Words: Not sure

Rating: PG


She soared the highest heights as sea air kissed her lips. Her weightless limbs rode the currents as she gazed at the world below. She swooped and swirled, amazed and afraid. How could this be? People dove from boats and cast lines as she floated overhead. The last thing she remembered was unfolding a deck chair as her hubby baited his hook. She jumped as a voice filled the air.
“Bonnie, it’s time,” it commanded.
She moved toward the light, feeling the tug of the world on her legs.

  1. Excellent! I’ve missed your exceptional talent.

    • Thank you my dear. I printed off “Don’t Sucker Me! Entertain Me!” I loved it! I meant to leave a comment but a damn virus shut me down for a few weeks and I didn’t want to spread it around lol.

  2. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear ST,

    I liked this last moment on earth story, especially the last line. I’ve been close to this and when I left the earth I first turned upside down and held on with my mind to the earth below. You captured the feeling well.



  3. Dear ST,

    So did he push her overboard? Did she trip and fall in? A little mystery with the life immediately after death story. Left me feeling weightless. Nice one.



  4. Lovely last line, the perfect end to a lyrical story. I ask the same questions as Rochelle, but the sea doesn’t answer.


  5. I thought it might have been daydreeming… but I cannot really interpret the last line… very nice with a litlle riddle..

  6. glossarch says:

    That last line really brings it home. I love mysterious stories that give us the key in the last few words.

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