Picture it & Write 8/10/13

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

 Picture it & Write is a fun, flash fiction group that meets weekly. Craft a story based on a photo prompt. Keep it short.  Read the stories or submit your own HERE.


Disclaimer: The story could be disturbing to youngsters or abused women. It touches on rape.




The incessant cawing invaded her dreams, Psychopomps her grandma had called them, birds sent to drag your soul to hell. She woke in a cold sweat more than she cared to admit, wondering what she could have done to merit losing her soul to the winged harbingers of doom.

When morning broke she stumbled to the inn’s ancient dining room for coffee. An elderly woman filled her with coffee and honey drenched biscuits before guiding her outside. Her taxi was waiting, or in this case, a wooden, horse-drawn buggy. Her assignment was to take pictures of a woman living off the grid, with no phone, electricity or other modern amenities. The story had grabbed her editor’s attention, so here she was. Her bottom bounced over the wooden seat until the driver stopped, pointing out an overgrown dirt path. Dropping to the ground she stretched and grabbed her gear, waiting for guidance, but the man spurred his horse to action and headed for town. With a sigh she started down the path.

It was a pleasant day, but she would feel better if she knew how far she had to walk.  The first time she heard the noise, she marveled over how much wildlife must be hidden in the brush, but after covering at least a mile, she realized the noise was following her. Looking over her shoulder she quickened her pace, but the footsteps quickened with her. She broke into a run, but never saw him coming as he sprung from the weeds. He threw an arm around her neck and pulled her to the ground.

“Don’t move,” he whispered, “We’ll have some fun and you will be on your way.” He cooed.

Her bag slipped to the ground and instinct forced her to reach for it, that was when her hand found the rock.  Her trembling fingers closed over it and brought it down on his head with a force she didn’t know she had.

He rolled to the right, his shocked eyes full of disbelief as the birds descended to drag him away.  They hadn’t come for her, the dreams stopped.


  1. joetwo says:

    Chilling premonition in dreams. Very well written!

  2. A very compelling look at rage, not only in the nature around us but in the human component as well… A very visual look at this aspect of life and a nice take on this picture this day…

  3. ursulaandromeda says:

    Good on her. I wish I hadn’t been too drunk to fight when the ex-boyfriend did it to me. I always blamed myself (everyone else blamed me too) because I was drunk when it happened.

    • Glynis says:

      Don’t you blame yourself for that! Drunk don’t give anyone the right to rape!
      If others are blaming you, then they have the wrong definition for the word rape.
      The victim is never to blame, only the person who did the act.
      You shouldn’t blame yourself that or let others do it.
      I hope you filed charges? He needs to go somewhere and see how it feels to have it done to him.

  4. neenslewy says:

    Wow. The descriptions were fantastic – especially in the first opening paragraphs and as I read I felt my pulse quicken and physically blew out a final exhalation at the end…. that’s some writing!
    Great take on the prompt – I am so happy those evil birds carried him away.
    I liked the end line but would argue that you didn’t have to make this a recurring nightmare. ‘They hadn’t come for her.’ Would be strong enough.

  5. Glynis says:

    Dreams can warn us of pending doom, if only we paid attention we can avoid so many things. Love the idea of this story, well done!

  6. Anne Schilde says:

    Makes sense. Would-be rapist done in by a flock of peckers.

  7. Ermilia says:

    Amazing. Sorry it took me so long to reply, its been a long week. I loved how the birds weren’t for her but for him. Pow! Hit him with that rock! Thanks for contributing this week. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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