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Category: Sci-fi

Words: 100

Rating: PG

Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

Buzzing woke her, confusion greeted her. She was picking berries when the stinging rain came, now she was on her back. Looking left she gasped when she noticed the giant bee, Hearing her ringtone she ran through the overgrowth, tracking the sound until she bumped into a giant black box. Her phone had to be in there. Unable to find an opening she climbed on top, jumping when her background picture sprung to life.

Horror undulated down her spine when she realized she was standing on her phone, as big as a truck, and she was the freak.

  1. Nice 1950’s scifi. It’s Dr. Cyclops all over again!

  2. Sandra says:

    Surreal! Well done.

  3. Hi ST,
    Honey, I shrunk the main character in my story! But think how much she’ll be able to save on food, personal products, and other needs. But I’d be on the lookout for cats! Ron

  4. Linda Vernon says:

    Good twisty ending! Something tells me she was the Shrinking Violet type?

  5. Dear Ms. T,

    Ron took my comment. Sounds like your MC had a shrinking self image in the most literal sense. Horrors. Nice one.



  6. Surreal, darling — I had to read it through three times!

  7. Joe Owens says:

    Who you callin’ a freak could be heard in the background.

  8. elmowrites says:

    I like how you went for the shrunken viewpoint istead of the enlarged bee. Nice change.

  9. Uh, oh. Alice should know better than to smoke that stuff!

  10. Nice twist to the story. You had me screaming afraid and then had to laugh.

  11. rgayer55 says:

    Ah, a Gulliver’s Travels tale. I hope she can butt-dial for help 🙂

  12. kz says:

    awesome twist ^^ reminded me of alice in wonderland too. that’d be totally horrifying..imagine if the character comes across a giant rat, or a cockroach… ugh

  13. pattisj says:

    When her background picture sprung to life–great image of her jumping on the “on” button.

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