Alastair, a talented photographer and writer has started a new fiction group that meets weekly to pen 150 words based on the photo.  Check out this weeks offering and submit one of your own HERE. Once at Alistair’s page, you can add the link to your own story with the link button. (A cute blue monster button)


The first thing Meg noticed were the smells. Coffee, mustard and bus exhaust, then came the noise. She was in the city, her city,  but not where she should be. Walking to the corner she passed a news stand, the lead paper caught her eye. It was the picture actually, showing a set of stairs she walked everyday on her way to work. The headline read “Woman’s Body Found!”

Grabbing a paper she started to read as she made her way to 2nd street, hoping she wasn’t too late for work. The story related the tale of a woman in a dark blue pants suit, with open toed pumps. She appeared to be about thirty years old with auburn hair. A gold bracelet with a kitten charm was on her left wrist. Her blood ran cold, the article described her outfit, and her to a tee. The killer was still at large.

Then she saw the time stamp on the photo, 03/06/2014, it was March of 2013 when she dressed and left for work. Why hadn’t the vendor yelled when she took the paper without paying?

“Hello? She yelled, but nobody turned. “Somebody hear me, see me please!”

She was met with silence. She touched a man and he passed, her touch unnoticed. Then she saw a man in a yellow hoodie duck into a liquor store, and she recognized that hoodie. The reason for her return was obvious. Ducking into the store she planned her attack and how to expose her killer.

  1. Alastair says:

    That’s brilliant. You’re the second person to use the date 😀 I think that error has been used brilliantly.

    I hope she exposed her killer.

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