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Category: Macbre

Words: 99

Rating: PG-13

Janet Webb

Janet Webb

Hang dress outside, check. Light sage and light candles, check. Now the incantation that would create his perfect woman. With trembling hands, Stu opened the brittle paper from the ancient, mysterious woman and began to read.

He read faster and faster as a blue light filled his balcony. The dress moved, slowly at first then it filled like a balloon as a tuft of auburn hair sprung from the neck. Then came the scream.

“Damn, I should have hung the dress closer to the ground!” He growled, peering at the broken body below.



  1. I’m still chuckling. Too funny. Good job!


  2. Death Becomes Her. Quick back to that ancient, mysterious woman before the police find out – for more incantations! Randy

  3. dreaminofobx says:

    Oops! Poor planning, Stu! Fun little twist on the create-the-perfect-woman for a not-so-perfect-man story.

  4. Jan Brown says:

    Oooh, ouch! Great ending!

  5. Sandra says:

    Now he’ll have to start all over again. So funny, so original. 🙂

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  7. John Hardy Bell says:

    Weird Science gone horribly wrong!! 😀 I really enjoyed it!!

  8. GROAN. (But I’m smiling, darling, so…)

  9. This made me laugh out VERY loud!

  10. Ha.. Poor girl. Yes that was macabre . Well better luck next time 😉

  11. neenslewy says:

    Fabulous creation. A great story idea & plot twist. Mmmmm tasty work.

  12. Dear Turnip,

    Here one minute, over the edge the next. Damn the luck. Funny.



  13. Joe Owens says:

    So funny. It is always the little things we miss that turn fantasy into utter disaster.

  14. Sarah Ann says:

    LOL. The punchline was unexpectead and wonderful.

  15. Does he get a few tries to get it right? Now what to do with all the bodies? :)

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