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Category: Fantasy
Words: 100
Rating: PG



Wow, a field of stone art, not what she expected when she set out with her camera. Some were plain, others resembled men or horses. Checking her settings, she found the best light and starting shooting. Someone would buy these shots, it could interest magazines catering to art, gardening, architecture or history?

She screamed as a giant hand pierced the clouds, blotting out the sun as it moved a sculpture. Scrambling on her hands and knees, her dropped camera forgotten, she screamed as a voice fell from the clouds.

“Check mate!”  It boomed.

“Damn!” A voice replied, “another game?”

  1. Jan Brown says:

    Great interpretation of the photo! Made me smile!

  2. Dear Turnip,
    I’m chuckling as a I type. Whimsical story.

  3. What fun for Friday morning!! I really enjoyed that. Now back to work. I’m forcing myself to only read when I take a break from working on the house. Otherwise, something would suffer and it wouldn’t be the reading. 🙂


  4. Lol..that’s just terrible (for her!).

  5. EagleAye says:

    Love it. The protagonist had better move quick lest she become an unwilling, pawn.

  6. elappleby says:

    You made me laugh! Giants playing chess – what an excellent idea 🙂

  7. Wonderful take. They look like chess-pieces really.

  8. vb holmes says:

    Lucky they didn’t mistake her for the queen–

  9. Sandra says:

    Great take – the gods playing chess.

  10. No wonder I always feel like a pawn!

  11. Sarah Ann says:

    Love this. I was quite enjoying that wander with her camera. Hope she doesn’t get squashed during the next game.

  12. Mystikel says:

    Good thing they’re using stone pieces and didn’t decide to play a game of living chess with people as game pieces. My son was the black king one time and it was really hard to get him to stay in place! The black king kept changing spaces and sometimes left the board altogether.

    This story was very fun. 🙂

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