Again with the Teens?

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Childcare, Motherhood, Parenting, self-esteem, Support, Teens, Uncategorized
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I can’t believe I am going through this again. I spent the late part of the 90’s letting my teens go into the world and find their path. I chose to trust them, trust their core values and decision-making.  One was a quick learner who found school easy. She was an out-going child with artistic talent that I thought would storm the world. The other was an overly intelligent kids who like quiet activities, reading, writing and music. I felt he may struggle in the world.

It was hard to stand by when they were turning 18. I imposed a curfew as long as they were in school, and I continued to dole out chores as a sign of being part of a family unit. But school ended, they were legal and I went to bed each night with a ball in my stomach. It wasn’t normal to go to bed without my babies safely in their rooms. One thrived in life and now has a family, job and connection with us. One struggled a bit more and set out for a change.

We hit speed bumps, got them out of a few minor scrapes, pushed and supported them, but it wasn’t easy as a mom. The first night your adult kid is in the world, with no rules and no curfew is scary, I don’t care who you are.

Fast forward 26 years and see me raising three grandkids’. Then realize that your oldest, who is a walking calculator, fast learner, hard-working, wise beyond his years kid is graduating early and out in the world. He has been given a curfew and always comes home early. He has never been caught smoking, drinking or doing drugs. He loves aviation, history and computers.

But he is out there! All alone, saying he may be home by one or two am. ARGHHH!

Here we go again. I have to let them run. I have to hope that what they were taught will be enough ammo for them to make good decisions.

Will I sleep well for a bit? NO!  If I make it through this one, I have two more to go. Oh hell, who needs sleep?

I can do this, I can do this, I CAN do this! Right?

Hugs to all the parents out there.

  1. Yes you can Lauren. 🙂

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