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thirsty (1)
“Give it six months my ass!” she growled, tossing her keys on the table. Take the job they said, it’ll be good for you. She  listened because the break-in freaked her out. Her T.V. and any anything of value was gone. She could forgive that, but not the loss of Boo.

She was making dinner when a noise caught her attention. Grabbing a knife, she made her way to the door. Tears filled her eyes when she saw Boo yanking the hose, looking for a drink. He was thinner, and dirtier, but he found her.

  1. A nice ending to a violating incident. Nice writing.

  2. Sandra says:

    Really lovely! The idea of a horse finding his way back to his owner brought a lump to my throat.

  3. Shreyank says:

    endearing to listen to a story of a pet finding its way back home 🙂

  4. Dear Turning,
    Aaaaw. Glad he found her. Touching.

  5. It was no boo-boo that he found his way home (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist it).
    Nice story.

  6. This could completely happen if the horse wasn’t taken too far away from home ( even though it’s more likely with a dog.) A horse knows its way home from quite a distant if it doesn’t get distracted. 🙂


  7. denmother says:

    Yay, Boo!

  8. vbholmes says:

    Our Irish Setter was stolen and gone for a month before she made her way home. It’s a joy when your lost pet returns. Good story.

  9. elappleby says:

    Oh so sweet! He found her – great tale 🙂

  10. Joe Owens says:

    It makes me think of the movie called War horse a few years ago. There is nothing like the story of a girl and her horse.

  11. heartwarming story of true love. animals are so much smarter than we give them credit for.

  12. zookyworld says:

    You have so much happening in a few words, lots of action before the story starts. And a wonderful ending with the horse finding her.

  13. nightlake says:

    this was so good and moving. Glad Boo find his way back

  14. Hi Turnip,
    The horse came back! Hooray for happy endings. Your character has great attitude. Ron

  15. rgayer55 says:

    Boo, what a great name for a ghostly-white horse. I love happy endings. Well done.

  16. kdillmanjones says:

    Sweet story. It reminds me of a time when our cat found its way home to us weeks after a tornado. You captured the feeling well!

  17. Ah, that’s a great ending. Like the Incredible Journey for a horse. 🙂

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