She had read a quote once that said; “Everything you ever did, saw or learned has brought you to this moment.” After what she had just witnessed, she hoped to hell there was a delete button because she didn’t want to keep anything that had led her to this. She didn’t want any part of what she had just seen in her future. She knew he heard her muffled scream when he spun to face the darkness, sneering as he taunted her.

“So, you saw that did you?” He growled. “Why don’t you come out so I don’t have to chase you!”

Backing down the ally her blood ran cold as she waited for her mind to tell her what to do. Spinning in terror, she bolted. The image of him plunging the knife into that girl, over and over and over again consumed her mind as she searched for her next move. Had he seen her face? Could he identify her? She hoped not, but she had seen him, clearly. That knowledge would get her killed if she wasn’t careful.

Choosing to crouch behind a dumpster instead of running in the open, she froze, afraid to breath as she listened to his footsteps. Squeezing against the wall, she peered through the space between dumpster and wall, watching as he reached the end of the alley. Stopping, the knife clenched in his hand, he peered down the walk before turning to scan the alley. Her heart threatened to burst as she held her breath, certain he would discover her hiding place.

“Bitch!” He shouted, wiping the knife on his pants before turning the corner.

After what seemed like hours, she emerged from her hiding place, sore and cold. Inching her way down the alley she stopped at the corner to gather her courage. Sticking her head around the wall she gazed left and right before making her move. Neither the pair of kissing teens or the elderly man drinking coffee seemed threatening so she took a deep breath and stepped out, intending to go to the police. Hurrying through the darkness she jumped when she heard his voice.

“Hey bitch!”

She tried to run, but when he grabbed the back of her coat she panicked. Spinning around she flailed at his chest, knocking him into the street. There were was a scream from the kissing couple as the taxi rolled over his body. Dropping to the walk she waited for the police.

  1. I felt my adrenalin rushing. Especially since I just watched ‘The invasion’ a nice ending.

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