Picture it & Write is a weekly creative writing exercise.  Talented writers from around the world submit their own stories based on a photo prompt, flash fiction style. I strive to keep up with this group as it stirs my creative juices and pushes me when I need pushed. You can read the stories or submit your own 250 word, (give or take a few words) story Here.


Taylor Swift was complaining about an ex-boyfriend she “never, ever,” wanted to see  for the fiftieth time as she filled Bert’s glass. Fighting the urge to smash the jute box she delivered the beer and wiped the counter. She dealt with Glen and another under-aged girl, refusing to serve the girl and put off Hugh, who wanted her to lie to his wife if she called.

Why did she stay? She was an artist, a good one. Storming into Tony’s office she blew up.

“I can’t do this! I am an artist. I can’t deal with the lowlife’s or stare at that damn decal of the wine glass in the window one more night. I have to make something of myself!”

“It’s about time!” Tony bellowed, “Let’s see what we can do to get you started.”

When he was done, he had collected enough money for her to pay her rent as she searched for an agent. Humbled by the generosity of the people she had just deemed losers, she gave each and every one of them a hug before leaving to pursue her dream.

  1. Anne Schilde says:

    Oh, that’s pretty cool! Finding a dream! I just love that the colored lights made you think of Tayor Swift!

  2. Ermilia says:

    So inspiring! I loved it. Considering that my story was a little on the sinister side, I love how full of life yours was. The beginning sentence had so much wit, it gripped me from the get-go. Awesome storytelling, Swirling Turnip! Thanks for contributing this week.

    – Ermisenda

  3. deanabo says:

    How exciting for her! I love a good hope story.

  4. joetwo says:

    Poor taylor! That woman gets an awful lot of grief.

    • She is a talented young woman, but thanks to our local media and radio people, I hear her sing “We’re never, ever, ever, getting back together” all day long if I don;t turn things off. Even Good Morning American played it over and over and over for weeks. Overkill and over hype sends me scurrying in the opposite direction every time.

  5. kz says:

    good hope story indeed. i love the optimism here.

  6. So this is the start of Taylor Swifts biography? Nicely done.

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