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Copyright-Renee Homan Heath

“Paradise my ass!” She growled, the jerk had already ruined the trip by booking coach, losing her shoes and reserving a crappy room. If that wasn’t bad enough, the climate was too damn humid with too many bugs. He was worse than useless.

He urged her to meet at the end of the pier to see the greatest gift ever, knowing she couldn’t resist. Stepping off the boardwalk she found him smiling in the sand.

“Hi baby, where’s my gift?”

“I never said it was for you,” He grinned, raising the gun to her head.

  1. Remind me never to use him as my travel agent. I didn’t see that coming. The ending made all the grievances she had at the beginning look pretty good.

  2. Silent Kim says:

    I knew you were going to give us a sadistic twist. Loveit.

  3. muZer says:

    Whoa.. That was totally unexpected and twisted.. Gripping story.

  4. That was pure evil, well told. And I expect that she is buried under the boardwalk.

  5. Sandra says:

    Awww. A bullet with her name on it. And after all she said about him. This was a great turning of the tables with a savage twist. Nicely done.

  6. elappleby says:

    No! What a baddie! She should have dumped him when he lost her shoes 🙂

  7. Well, she was right about one thing: He is worse than useless. He’s a psychopath!

  8. rich says:

    uh oh. this will not end well. but it was written well.

  9. rheath40 says:

    Oh I like. Very good take on my photo. Loved it.

  10. Hi ST,
    Ouch. Guess some people would complain if you shot them with a new gun. I understand his motivation. Ron

  11. vbholmes says:

    She should have gotten the message that this was not going to be a love-in. Howsomever, the gun was totally unexpected. Good story with a shocker of an ending.

  12. billgncs says:

    Good one, I wasn’t expecting that twist!

  13. Dear Turnip,
    No doubt this wasn’t the gift she anticipated. Great twist.

  14. well, a guy can take just so much. good one here.

  15. tedstrutz says:

    Hot Damn! The gift was for him. Hope he got away with it… you made her sound not so pleasant. Good one, ST.

  16. Sarah Ann says:

    Love that ending. She should have known that if she wanted something doing right, she should have done it herself.

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