Friday Fictioneers – 1/18/13

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Friday Fictioneers, are a group of writers that come together, once a week, to share stories they have written based on a photo prompt. Go HERE to read or submit or your own story, or click on the little blue guy under my story.


Every night the dream appeared, revealing images but no clear message. A menorah, phone, photo and crayons. Her husband listened  but couldn’t offer any insight.

On Sunday they visited her grandma.

“You look pale dear, Are you O.K.?” She asked.

“I haven’t been sleeping very well, but I’ll be O.K.”

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Grandma asked.

“A dream of some sort,” she said, describing the scene.

“How wonderful!” Grandma yelped.


“Yes dear, women in our family only have this dream for one reason. You are going to be a mother!”

Her husband yelped and pulled her close.

  1. Tom Poet says:

    Ex wife had a family that dreamed of safety pins…The kind you put on diapers! Nothing safe about those things…Nice work Turnip!

  2. muZer says:

    Aww.. that’s such a sweet story.. Loved the way you incorporated all 4 things into the story! And I do believe that recurring dreams signify something of importance.

  3. Dear Turnip,
    This must mean she’s going to be a Jewish mother, right? Nice story and intriguing take on the prompt.

  4. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Ms. Turnip,

    A lovely story about clairvoyant dreams and family omens. Well done.



  5. Well, such a congratulations dear one!!!

  6. writelindy says:

    Lovely take on the photo. I hope her dream comes true.

  7. Oh, this was too sweet! I liked the mystery and its happy resolution!

  8. Very original! I enjoyed it.


  9. wmqcolby says:

    Swirl, I think my labor pains have stopped now. Two years of it …
    Nice story!

  10. kz says:

    awwwww…. a sweet , happy story.:)

  11. writeondude says:

    Well, that’s one way of getting all four items into your piece! Very cheeky, but nicely done.

  12. oh how sweet. I’ve heard of these kinds of familial dreams.

  13. Hi Turnip,
    The dream theme worked well. And you provide a joyous ending! Ron

  14. YJ says:

    Very positive.The fact that Grandma was able to share her knowledge and pass it own to the next generation – is very promising.

  15. rich says:

    i can’t imagine the connection between the images of the dream and being pregnant, but that’s not up to me. well done.

  16. rgayer55 says:

    I heard of such omens. Nicely done.

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