Picture it & Write 12/12/12

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Picture it & Write is a weekly creative writing exercise.  Join in or just read HERE.


Ten and a half hours on his knees at “Shoe Town,” had almost sent him over the edge. The whiny, bitchy women and their even whinier kids grated on his nerves as they looked down their noses at his borrowed shirt and jail house shoes.  He took the job because his parole officer said he had to, but every day he fought the urge to throttle the whole lot of them!

Reaching his one-room walk-up, he kicked off his shoes, grabbed left-overs from the fridge and plopped on the bed as he opened cartons.  All I need is one big score, then he would kill his pimpled, teenage boss and the rest of his co-workers, taking out a few annoying customers for good measure before heading to Mexico. Growling as the blue light flitted across his lap, he jumped to his feet to glare at the animated billboard outside his window. There was no relief, the over-sized, hand dipped into a pile of gems, over, and over, letting them filter through slender fingers before repeating the motion. His stomach rolled as the light assaulted his room, his sleep! The sign was bad enough, but the ad promising the winner a box full of gems from a local jeweler, had to be a scam.

Sleep deprived and pissed, he slammed his food on the table and grabbed a few tools before he stormed out of the building. Determined to stop the LED assault. Crossing the street, he found an open stairwell and made his way to the roof. Locating the power source he grabbed his bolt cutters.

“Man, I never seen nothing like this!” the cop said.

“Me either Stu,” said his partner, “The sad thing is, if he had taken a minute to look around before he cut the live wire, he would have been a rich man. When he fell his hand almost landed on that treasure chest from the ad. Oh well, he’s french toast now.”

  1. Greed! Creative for this prompt.

  2. Anne Schilde says:

    Haha! “borrowed shirt and jail house shoes” might almost be original words!!! Turnip gets my copyright credit vote!

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