Friday Fictioneers 12/14/12

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Friday Fictioneers, are a group of writers that come together, once a week, to share stories they have written based on a photo prompt. Go HERE to read or submit or your own story, or click on the little blue guy under my story.


Douglas M. MacIlroy

She had sat here a thousand times, pondering the effort needed to keep the world intact, wondering if it was worth it. She had wired, glued and cleaned, yet her children continued to pollute the planet as if a replacement was near at hand. Perhaps it was time to let her pride and joy destroy itself and build again.

Eyeing the globe, she acknowledged her fondness of the human race. Reaching for more wire, she secured North America to the core, hoping her children learned how to act before she was forced to destroy the planet and try again.

  1. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Ms. Turnip,

    I love the female as the Great Deity. Why men got to label most gods as male is understandable but not very smart on their part. What would it have cost them to bow to the obvious? Pride? Ego? Who knows?

    I say she should let it all go to hell in a hand basket and start over.



  2. yerpirate says:

    Aha…the power she holds! And the edge..thinking, probably every day, looking for that excuse to do it..

  3. Sandra says:

    That’s a woman for you… always giving one more chance. Nice one.

  4. Parul says:

    I won’t mind starting over either. Too bad it takes a lady God to do that.

  5. writeondude says:

    Nicely done. Just like children, you have to know when to let go and let them find their own way. (I learnt that from Finding Nemo).

  6. Might as well start over and do it NOW. It’s on its way anyhow…why wait?

  7. wmqcolby says:

    Good take on the prompt. Very nice.

  8. Dear Turnip,
    Loved the Mother’s compassion on her children. Do we deserve it? Nicely told.

  9. boomiebol says:

    Very nice…like Rochelle said…a mother’s compassion on her children

  10. Tom Poet says:

    Very cool take on the prompt…Mother nature having a soft touch. Well played.


  11. Anne Orchard says:

    A very timely story. Time for a sustainable Christmas maybe?

  12. Very beautiful. I like the image of the planet in a workshop somewhere, getting an adjustment or cleaning.

  13. Hi Turnip,
    Loved this story and the issues behind it. Hope She doesn’t give up on us. Ron

  14. A fine compassionate story.

  15. brudberg says:

    We sure need divine duct tape to fix this… Hope it holds. I liked it a lot.

  16. rich says:

    i hope she decides to keep trying, or let us keep trying. oh, sure, blame it all on north america. well, yeah i guess. well done.

  17. mari wells says:

    Wonderful story. We should remember our mother and the pain we cause her to suffer. 😀

  18. tedstrutz says:

    What a disappointment after so much work. I don’t know if the extra wire will help. ‘build again’… sounds like they’ve done a few times before.

  19. JackieP says:

    Hmm Just like a mother to forgive once more. I really enjoyed the take on this. Good job!

  20. Very interesting story.

  21. backfromtheedge says:

    I hope Mother Nature doesn’t suddenly decide to chuck it next Friday ;-). Enjoyed your take :-).

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