Picture it & Write 11/13/12

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Fiction, self-esteem, short stories, Uncategorized, Women
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A photo prompt is provided and all are invited to write a 250 word or less story in their own style. You can read the entries or enter your own by clicking  HERE or on the graphic below.

Freezing rain assaulted her windshield, keeping her wipers busy as she waited at the light. Gazing at the historic store fronts lining the boulevard she felt her brow wrinkle when she noticed the poster. It showed a man clutching his bandaged head. What the hell was that supposed to advertise? Glancing at the light, she growled at the red glow before returning to the disturbing poster. When the light finally turned she shot through the intersection, hoping to reach the construction company where her husband worked in time for lunch. If she didn’t deliver his hot lunch on time he would be angry, and that never ended well for her. Making a sharp right, she passed a slow bus and veered back into the curb lane, screaming as the back end of the car slid to the left, thanks to a blown tire. Limping off the road she pulled into a small parking lot outside a veterinary clinic.

Staring into the empty trunk, she began to cry as the frigid precipitation slid down her face. NO SPARE! Perfect, he would find a way to blame her for this too. Running around the car she grabbed her purse before dashing into the safety of the clinic. Finding the lobby empty she waited at the counter, but not a single soul came to her rescue. Spotting a phone she thought about using it to let her husband know what happened, but he wouldn’t spring into action to save her, he would berate her for letting him down, then make her pay when he got home. Making her way down the hall to look for help she stopped when she heard voices. Peering into the room she saw a woman bent over a dog, stroking its face as another woman inserted a hypodermic needle into the dog. The woman cradle the creature’s head, stroking it’s fur as she assured him all would be well.

Clarity hit her brain like a lightening bolt. Suddenly the poster made sense! Her mind, her very being, identity and dignity was swaddled in layers. He had managed to wrap not only her eyes, but her mind to keep her isolated from the world. She wanted to be something, make a difference like the women she spied on. All he wanted was clean clothes, food and her obedience. Leaving the clinic she felt like a newborn with a whole life ahead of her. Ignoring the rain, she walked to the nearest police station and asked for help.

  1. Good for her. Well written I really enjoyed reading. Great thought on photo prompt.

  2. joetwo says:

    Very good piece! I’m glad she saw the light. So to speak.

  3. Oh, I loved that….! Good for her, and good for you for highlighting this condition..
    Well done..

  4. Ermilia says:

    This is one of those pieces I love and hate. I love the woman for seeing her own inner strength and taking the steps toward change. Sometimes it’s literally a sign in a poster, an interpretation of what we know but can’t figure out without a visual. I hate the husband lol.

    Thanks for contributing to Picture it & Write.

  5. Anne Schilde says:

    He wants a hot lunch delivered in life-threatening weather? Maybe she should pick him up a St. Bernard before she leaves the vet. I’m really glad she had her moment of clarity!

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