Picture it & Write 10/22/12

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A photo prompt is provided and all are invited to write a story in their own style based on this prompt. Please take a minute to read the entries at Picture it & Write, you’ll be glad you did.

Pulled from her slumber by the most annoying alarm clock in the world, she slapped the off button and stretched. The first thing to reach her sleep filled eyes was the poster her significant other obsessed over. After dating for more than a year, she hoped to sway his decor choices. Receptive to most of her choices, he let her change the sofa, tables and rugs. However, he stood firm when it came to the tacky poster looming over their bed, the one that made her feel like a teen living in her parent’s basement. She hated that poster almost as much as she hated the bright green ball cap he insisted on wearing on his days off.

Things were great at first. They shared romantic dinners and stories from their youth. They had a comfortable routine before things slowly began to change. He started coming home at odd times and spent hours hunched over his computer, mumbling equations as he scribbled notes on napkins or anything else that was handy. He forbade her to clear the clutter, having a meltdown after she tossed a single paper napkin. He spent countless hours locked  in the garage, avoiding her and her questions. His only comment was that she would be proud of him as his efforts would have an epic impact on the world.

Curiosity turned to worry when she opened her credit card statement. It was filled with a ton of purchases she hadn’t made, but that wasn’t the disturbing part. The charges were for were for chemicals, electronics, tools, metals, fuel and other items she didn’t recognize. Storming out the back door, prepared to drag him from the garage she froze as her eyes tried to make sense of what she was seeing. The garage was gone! Poof, missing! Staring at the hole in the ground she backed into the house, bolting the door as panic took over.  Peering out the curtain, she verified her insanity, the garage was truly missing. How could that be? There was no explosion or fire! Where in the hell did it go?

Stopping to splash water on her face, she blotted it with a towel as she made her way to the bedroom. Who should she call? Who would believe her? Where had he gone? It was more than her mind was prepared to handle. Falling on the bed, she leaned against the headboard, squeezing her temples. Think girl, think! Letting her eyes wander to the poster she growled, hoping it wasn’t the only thing left of her lover.  She picked up the phone to call her sister, but her fingers froze when she saw the spot on the poster.  Hovering at the horizon, just to the right of the sun was a man-shaped blob. Getting up for a closer look, she gasped when she recognized the bright green ball cap and contented smile.

“I did it girl!” he mouthed as she screamed.


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  1. Karmic Diva says:

    You out did yourself with this one. fabulous. love your imagination.

  2. Ermilia says:

    I love stories that are concise and have that “circular” effect. I like how you started with the “not so important” poster and then end it with the poster having much more meaning. Although, I’m a bit confused about who was the “crazy”. 😛 Did she see him in the poster at the end? Either way, great storytelling descriptions!

    – Ermisenda

  3. Ha ha hah… that was fun…
    Have to watch those guys who wear green ball caps on their days off…
    Still smiling…. 😉

  4. Sunita Menon says:

    Amazing story. I like the mystery in it, he did figure out space travel,was the guy an alien or something else,(like Thor may be) Or had she gone completely crazy.

  5. Well done. What imagination. Love it.

  6. Michele says:

    Absolutely. Loved. It.

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