When the vibrations began she was puzzled, as it intensified she grew worried, unsure of what to expect. For some reason she couldn’t remember where she had been and was terrified over where she may end up. Submerged in water she knew she had to find a way out if she was to survive. When a violent tidal surge pulled her down she felt her limbs stiffen as panic clouded her brain.

Unable to find something to cling too she was carried down steam until her head became wedged. Letting the water lubricate her struggle she wriggled as far as she could before the walls narrowed again. Just when she was sure the end was near, they would loosen, allowing her to inch forward.

She knew others were near, she could hear their muted conversations, voices, music and the sound of hard objects striking ever harder objects. If only they would see her, pull her to safety. The water was gone, leaving her path dry and impossible to travel. ” This is it,‘” she sighed, ready to cry. But the dry river bed wasn’t done with her yet, another round of contracting walls shoved her farther than she had moved in hours.

Gasping for air, her arrival was met with cries of, “It’s a GIRL!”

Voyage forgotten, she nestled into the chest of the woman whose voice she had heard many times, she was home.

  1. carmenluysa says:

    What a good short story!!! I really enjoyed reading your story. Congratulations!

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