Picture it & Write 9/12

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

A photo prompt is provided and all are invited to write a story in their own style based on this prompt. You can read the stories or add your own at Picture it & Write




Staring into the mirror she wondered if her mother was right. Had she come to depend on it so deeply that it changed the way she related to her family? A new world opened up to her the day she found the mirror. Images of other young women around the world began to appear. After time, she learned to communicate with these woman, to leave the isolation of the kingdom for the cherished contact. So much so that her schooling suffered. She was punished for missing family dinners and celebrations. She didn’t care, the people in the mirror were her real friends, the only ones who understood her.

Unable to understand her mother’s anger she locked herself in her room the night the mirror was taken from her. Sleep was impossible as she focused on the messages and images she was missing. What would her friends think when she didn’t respond to them? That night, with nothing else to do she joined her brother in the game room. They played cards and told jokes well into the night.  Cook brought some special cookies with a sweet topping that they enjoyed with cider pressed that very morning.


She also learned of her older sisters new child and  a batch of puppies born in the stables.  What else didn’t she know? Had the mirror stolen that much of her life? Running to her mother’s room she held the mirror in front of her face, fighting it’s pull. Sweat oiled her palms as her arms began to shake. She wanted her life back, she wanted to eat dinner, play with her brother, ride horses, take walks, read and learn from her mother. None of this was possible as long as she let the mirror rule her time.

Closing her eyes, she raised it over her head, took a deep breath and slammed it onto the hearth. Sweat formed on her brow and her hands shook, but she knew life would be better if not connected to the mirror. Those people were far away and didn’t really know her in real life, her family and friends were within arms reach. Wiping her hands on her dress she headed downstairs to join her family.



  1. Anna says:

    Loved the parallels to cyber life. Great execution of idea. 🙂

  2. Ermilia says:

    A great story. I think this can be easily compared to the lives of many teenagers. Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write!

    – Ermisenda

  3. Anne Schilde says:

    The words “she wondered if her mother was right” really sent me down a senility road at the beginning because of my Nana. If there wasn’t a parallel, it was hard to let go of. If there was… good job!! Either way, this was very emotional and thank you!

  4. joetwo says:

    I agree with Ermisenda on this. I’m also a little concerned about the fact that I’m staring into a screen reading these words from so far away. A modern fairytale if you will!

    • Ah yes, talking and sharing common interests with people around the world is not a bad thing, but a lack of control, or the inability to keep these interests from marring personal relationships, shared family time and a day with friends could become a problem. I love living in this time, I love carrying 2,000 songs in my palm and plugging them into my car radio! I love playing word games on Pogo, reading news from around the world and texting. But I try hard to step away and connect with them in real time, eat together, hike, garden, visit family etc. I fear for the kids I know hunched over a keyboard in a dark room ten hours a day. They don’t move, play ball, ride bikes, learn how to bait a hook or pick tomatos. I have a nephew that spent his entire childhood in his room when not being home-schooled, bent over a keyboard. He is just 26 and he has a hump on his back from being stooped over.

  5. deanabo says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. Well done.

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