Picture it & Write9-1-12

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

I love reading and writing for the picture it & write group. Each week they post a new photo prompt, stirring my creative juices. Click on the logo below my story to read, or write your own contribution.

What a perfect day, she thought with a smile. Tired of her rich mother, womanizing father and over-bearing fiance she fled the house, leaving her phone on the table as she piled into the Porsche her dad offered for her silence when she found him buck naked on their boat with a woman years younger than her mother. Pushing the car to its limits she careened down the highway, passing trucks and cars alike, not caring if she lost her life in the process, it may actually be a blessing if she did.

She had survived dead man’s curve on I-90 before heading south on I-71. Pushing the pedal she clocked herself at 118 m.p.h. as she flew around a landscape truck pulling a trailer. She was cutting back to the right hand lane when she saw the large brown and white sign, with an arrow pointing the way to the zoo. Without thinking she geared down and hit the brakes, skidding her way onto the off ramp.  Minutes later she grabbed the first parking spot she could find and made her way to the main gate. Her hand was stamped with a neon dolphin before she walked under the massive arch.

Feeling like a stranger in a strange land, she glanced at the maps that would guide her visit, but decided to keep going with gut instinct. The entire scene was foreign to her, she had never been to a zoo in her life. It would take a while to get used to the hordes of people, strollers, crying babies and parents stopping traffic to take pictures of their kids. How she wished her own parents would have gone to such lengths to take her picture, just one stinking picture! She had been sent with a hired driver, in a limo, to a photo studio where total strangers would dress her up and tell her to smile.

Leaning on a chain link fence she studied the warthogs chewing their food, glancing at the visitors now and then. A rustle to her right grabbed her attention as a peacock jumped on the fence, staring at her for a second before dropping into the enclosure. Noticing a smaller bird foraging near the fence she knew he was chasing a female. When the male began bobbing his head as he flung open the extensive plumage of his tail she gasped, instantly recognizing her fiance. He did the same thing! He strutted, he stood with his legs apart, he flexed, slipped his sunglasses to his forehead and stared at her like prey, right before he would unleash his fists.

When the zoo closed, she left the Porsche in the parking lot and made her way to the bus depot. Purchasing a ticket to New Mexico she climbed aboard, hoping her artistic skills would earn a living. Now and then she would catch a news story about the missing Cleveland heiress, but it meant nothing to her, that woman was dead. Carefully dropping her finished canvas in the box she readied another work of art for shipment, smiling as she fought with the tape.

  1. Ermilia says:

    Your piece sent me back to times at the zoo where peacocks were allowed to wander around with the people. I never did understand why they were allowed out when the other animals had to be enclosed. I can definitely see how the zoo would be comforting to an artist.

    Thanks for contributing to this week’s Picture it & Write!
    -Eliabeth Hawthorne

  2. Anne Schilde says:

    Haha, death by peacock! Only in fiction can a perfect day start with a womanizing father and over-bearing fiance! I think I got a neon monkey last time I went to the zoo. Nice work with the BF being the peacock. Didn’t see it coming with all the high-speed diversions.

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