Friday Fictioneers – 8/22/12

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Read or join the “Friday Fictioneers” by clicking here or on the cute blue face below my below my story. Each week Madison Woods posts a photo by great photographers, we are then invited to write a 100 words story based on the prompt.

Time had been eaten by the mist, she may have been on the mountain for days, or months. Unable to find a way down, she rationed food, ate plants and drank from puddles. Now, the food was gone, water scarce. If the mist didn’t leave, she would die.

When the darkness fell, she felt herself rise from the ground, surrounded by gnome-like beings. She briefly wondered if they came for her soul.

“We’ve got a pulse!”

Cracking one eye, she looked up at the paramedics. Where? What? How did she get down the mountain? Then she remembered the vision, but there were no such thing as gnomes, right?

  1. What an interesting take! Were they real or were they Memorex…I mean, a dream? 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    I like the idea of short paramedics, I guess they’d look short if they were kneeling down wouldn’t they? Well written and enjoyable.

    Here’s mine too:

  3. Sandra says:

    Nice one! Has she been rescued, or just revived to experience further horror. Hmm…

  4. I like the mystery in this;. a very creative take on the prompt. Mine is here and linked:

  5. Russell says:

    Ah, midgets in the mist. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the imaginary from what’s real. I really loved the opening line, “time had been eaten by the mist.”

  6. Extremely cute. Great use of imagination. I could actually see you peeking with on eye.

  7. billgncs says:

    they were gnomes, just helping out! I enjoyed it!

  8. I liked the way the character’s mind played tricks on her while she was delirious. (That’s my interpretation anyway, lol). In the very first sentence if you make a hard stop after the first phrase “Time had been eaten by the mist.”, it would make the whole rest of the story tighter to me. But I just like short opening sentences and that might not be what you want to do with it 🙂

  9. Adam Ickes says:

    Just because we don’t believe in those sorts of things anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t real. I enjoyed this very much.

  10. Yup, all kinds of things exist in this world that we never see with our own eyes. I like to stay open to new experiences. Thanks for reading.,

  11. I wonder how she got up there? Was she hiking, became injured. lost her way? Whatever, it’s a frightening situation to be in. Thankfully, someone came along, perhaps another hiker or her “Guardian Angel.” Remind me never to go hiking. Nice piece. I’m here:

  12. Best to run nto the gnomes, before the trolls turn up! Nice story, enjoyed it and glad she made it down.

  13. YAY, she made it. Hands down favorite line: “Time had been eaten by the mist.” Fantastic opening.

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