The Joy of Aging

Posted: August 21, 2012 in aging, bliss, self-esteem, short stories, Uncategorized, writing
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I sprung from bed each day, donning expensive suits, tending to my hair and putting on make-up. Years have passed and  health issues forced me to give up my career.  I have aged, experienced grief, insecurity and shame, but this week  I had an epiphany, I like getting older!

I am wiser, calmer and more self-assured. I approach life with a wisdom I didn’t have when I was twenty. I am not what I look like, my being is defined from what is inside. My face may have   lines and my jowls may sag a bit, but my heart, and my mind are the same, only better now that I have embraced the knowledge, experience and wisdom of my years.

I may no longer raise the blood pressure of young men when I enter a room, but I know what is right and what is wrong. I can tell good people from bad. I consider the result of my actions before acting. I try to respect others and take care of my own.

I am me. I don’t wear designer suits, I don’t slap on make-up, I don’t attend high power meetings anymore, or attend all night parties but I contribute to the world in my own way, through art and creation. I try hard to instill family values in the kids, have a bit of fun every day and embrace nature as often as possible.

I did it all when I was young. I had a date every night, I drank, danced, worked in bars and engaged in risky sex. Now, I wake each day surrounded by pets and family, I sit by my backyard pond and talk to the frogs as I paint or write. I have discovered the joy of making homemade candies and baking. Instead of bar hopping or dancing we hike with the family.

I am living a life a twenty-year old would deem lame, but you know what? I have never been happier! I am free to be me, not an image presented to the public. Age, wisdom and a bit of sagging skin, who could have predicted this would bring happiness?

  1. Take a bow!! Some days I love my aging. Some days I long for my youth. But all in all I am happy in my sagging skin. 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    A great post.
    I’ve found that it’s not so much wisdom that comes with ageing but common sense. In my case the sense to see that the world is so much more fun when you slow everything down. I no longer have to go to long, tedious meetings, try and meet unmanageable targets, worry about my blood pressure or wear a suit and tie!
    Instead I spend hours in my ‘Studio’ (or shed!) or sitting in my local coffee shop, thinking and writing – and reading great blogs like yours.

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