It ate the exhaust fumes, swallowed noise and kept the neon lights from tainting the windows of sleeping children. “It” was an over-grown hedge lining her driveway, the only thing that stood between her and relocation. When her family had taken possession of the house, over fifty-years ago, the area was a sleepy burg with a gas station, a bank and a butcher on the corner. Kind, caring neighbors who knew her and her children by name.

Happy in her studio, she thanked the hedge for keeping the prying lights of cars at the gas station from her windows. That hedge sucked the fumes from the air before they reached her home, it grabbed the profanities from the bar, muting them to a level safe from her children’s ears. It allowed her to groom her yard, enjoy her backyard pond and sleep in peace. Without the hedge her home would be filled with noise, fumes and sound that would make life in this home unlivable.

Then he showed up, the man with the clipboard. He told her she had three weeks to cut the hedge to a height of three feet. This would never do! She wasn’t going to cut that hedge down! It had stood tall and proud for fifty plus years. Let him send his letters and hide behind his clipboard, he didn’t scare her!

Then came the day he caught her in the front yard as she pulled weeds around the walk. Moving toward the driveway she rehearsed what she was going to say, but she never got the chance.  The hedge bowed to the ground. His screams chilled her blood as the angry boughs lifted him from the ground, swallowing him before she could react. Noticing a shiny metal clipboard at her feet, she grinned.

” I guess he won’t be picking on that hedge anymore!” she chuckled. “When will tiny men with a whit of power learn to deal with each person  or circumstance on its own?”

  1. Ha! She wins!! Cute story.

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