Writing from the Jar. 8-9-12

Posted: August 10, 2012 in short stories, Uncategorized, writing
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I published a post a week or so ago, explaining how I break a writing slump by pulling two slips of paper from a jar. The jar is filled with circumstances, objects, locations, actions etc. I pull out two random slips and force myself to write a a story hovering around 300 words, give or take a few words.

I have invited you all to share in this process, if you feel inspired and write something please put a link in the comment section so I can find and read it.

The two slips pulled from the jar this week were;

Woman in park
Photo album


The woman glanced at me, then looked away as if she couldn’t claim me as her own. Settling on the bench, the woman placed a sandwich on a napkin before balancing it on her lap. Extracting a piece of celery from a sandwich bag she bit off its tip before unwrapping a piece of cheese.

Margee moved closer, focusing on the woman’s eyes as she read her book.  Her face was more than familiar, it was the same face she saw in the mirror each morning. Hesitant at first, when the detective gave her the woman’s’ name and address, but now, looking at her face she knew she had found the truth. This was the woman in the aged photo album found in the car seat she was nestled in when left at the orphanage.  With leaden feet she skirted a gathering of happy toddlers, her eyes glued to the woman’s face. There was an earthquake in her tummy and sweat bathed her face as she searched for words of introduction. Moving forward, she faced the woman, taking a trembling breath before gaining her attention with a simple Howdy.

“Hello,” the startled woman replied.

Perching nervously at the end of the bench, she wondered just how a child of adoption informed someone they were your mother.


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