Terror by any Name.

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you willfully kill a group of people who may look different from you, dress differently, or worship a god other than the one you believe in, you are a terrorist. You can put any label you want on it, but it is an act of terror. If one citizen attacks a group of people over their skin color , their god or their lifestyle it is an act of terror. These people are not responsible for your lack of money, loss of a home, job or quality of life. They are working and paying bills like the rest of us. I  don’t care if you live in the U.S.A. or elsewhere. I don’t want to hear about your childhood or your abusive teen years. You are not a victim entitled to take people away from their family. None of this can excuse your actions.

Poverty or an abusive childhood is NOT an excuse for murder. We need to stop dissecting the shooter, finding reasons for their actions. We need to grieve for the victims and see the shooter for what they are, terrorists! You don’t need to come from another country to be a terrorist, to kill those different from you. No excuses for the shooter’s actions. They were sick, damaged with access to money and guns. Don’t try to tell me how bad their childhood was, many of us have survived abuse and neglect but we don’t go out and kill people.

I feel bad for the shooters family, but if they couldn’t foresee a shooters actions, knowing them as they do, how can the rest of us be expected to see it? They were obviously beyond the families help.

I hope the gun lobbyists and the legislators find some common ground, I enjoy shooting, I am quite good at it. However, I shoot at targets and not people. But who knows who will snap and move from targets to real people?

  1. boomiebol says:

    So true and very well written. Thanks for sharing this, and indeed gun advocates, lobbyists and others need to find a common ground. No place is safe anymore and that is a terrible shame and tragedy…God help us

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