Writing Exercise Invitation

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Poetry, short stories, Uncategorized, writing
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One day, while playing Pictionary with my kids, I hit on the idea of putting slips of paper naming random objects, places or people in a jar, I added slips that had the name of different genres or events such as mystery, romance, humor, eerie, horror, party, wedding, funeral etc.

Then, when I was in a writing slump I would draw slip from this old peanut jar and match a random object with a random genre,  scenario or event.  I challenged myself to build a story around these items, keeping it to 250 words or less. Stuck in my studio due to excessive heat, and bored out of my gourd, I remembered the jar and pulled out two slips. (sometimes I end up pulling out two objects, but I just throw one back in and draw again, until I have a genre or event.) Poetry or fiction, it doesn’t matter.

The slips I pulled out this week were;

Object: Sun dress
Genre: Romantic Mystery

I invite you all to create your 250 word story using these prompts. You can leave the link to your stories in the comment sections. I would love to read everyone else’s version of the prompts I am using. (250 words is my personal guideline, feel free to post a few less, or a few more words.)

OK, my story below. Looking forward to reading others.

Watching the cream blend into her morning coffee, she jumped as something fluttered onto her balcony. Rising to investigate she found a pile of lilac colored material adorned with pastel flowers. It looked clean so she bent to pick it up. Letting it unfurl, she realized it was a sundress. Gauzy and flowing, with tiny straps and a bandanna hemline, something she herself might buy.

When a knock interrupted her thoughts she moved to answer it, asking who it was before releasing the  dead bolt.

“Police ma’am, we are investigating a death in the building and would like to ask you some questions.”

Dress in hand she opened the door and the detective froze when he spotted the dress in her hand.

“Where did you get that?”

“It fluttered onto my balcony a few minutes ago,” she sputtered.

“May I have it please,” he said in a voice that sounded more like an order than a request. She quivered as his fingers brushed her arm and she felt him freeze as he gazed into her eyes. “You don’t know it, but you may have just broken this case wide open,” he said before marching off.

When he returned the following day, and she knew he would return, he told her a suspect described the victim in the dress, but when they found her she was nude, only the killer would have known about the dress before he raped and killed her. Eternally grateful to the sun dress, they found the love of a lifetime.


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