The Back Yard Pond

Posted: June 17, 2012 in short stories, Uncategorized, writing
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Proud of the beauty created by her own hard-working hands, she dragged her reluctant mate from his recliner to share in the joy. Leading him to the chairs she had carefully place around her new wildlife pond she beamed with anticipation, knowing that even her grumpy mate would find something good to say about this slice of heaven on earth.

The big reveal couldn’t have been better. Dappled sunlight danced over the water, highlighting her carefully placed plants and rocks. A lazy frog perched on a log, stalking an unwary spider nearing its doom. Opening a can of beer she thoughtfully carried with her, she placed it on the small stone table near her mates chair.

“Jesus Margaret, couldn’t you have put some cushions on these damn metal chairs?” he grumbled, shifting around on his bottom, “You know I need a cushion for my back. Where is the cushion for my back?”

“Sorry, I’m not done yet, I’ll make sure your chair is comfortable, I promise,” she said, biting her bottom lip. ”

“I made sure you had a table for your beer Jim, I did try to make you happy.”

“Make me happy? I’m not sure you will EVER be capable of that,” he laughed, tipping most of the beer down his throat.

“Look at the frog Jim, see it there? He is the first one, but I’m sure that the pond will be full of frogs and turtles soon. Won’t that be nice?”

“Nice? Girl, nice is when you stop spending time, and MY money on these stupid ideas of yours. NICE would be if you were smart enough to bring more than one beer. Smart would be…well, anything but you!” Laughing, he pulled out his tablet to check the progress of the race. A scowl scrunched his face as he held the tablet over his head, turning it from side to side to get a signal.

Shrinking into her chair, she waited for the tirade.

“Jesus H Christ Margaret! Leave it to you to put this hole so far away from the house I can’t even get a signal from the router! I’ll never know why I married someone too dumb to live. Why do I keep you around? If you ever did anything right I would be the most shocked person on earth! You can sit here and play with your frogs, numb your ass on those hard chairs or drown yourself for all I care, I’m going in to watch the race!”

Watching as he crushed the empty can in his meaty hands she smiled and gathered her shovels. Moments later, she sat fascinated at the sight of his lifeless hand floating among the plants.

“Well, it looks like I have another hole to dig,” she grinned.


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